DUSD is so lucky to partner with the Legacy Health Endowment on a variety of projects that support the mental health of our students. You may remember that we had a visit from Collin Kartchner #savethekids last spring. As a result of that presentation, LHE developed a social media guide for parents. It's fantastic! It's also free and available in English and Spanish...view it here!
“Parenting today in this digital age can be a daunting thought, but parents need to stop being afraid of the tech their kids use and get into their world! If your child is on social media apps, you need to be there too. Educate yourself on their world, the apps they use, and research the pros and cons of each. If you stay up on the apps your kids use, have courageous conversations with them about what they use them for, what they see, and let them know you are there to guide them through making good decisions with their tech use, parents can save their kids from years of heartache.” - Collin Kartchner 
Download the Guide HERE (English) (Spanish)
A Quick Guide to the Basics of Social Media

A Quick Guide to the Basics of Social Mediatitle

Parents: What you wish you knew
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