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Office Hours: 7:30-4:30

3460 Lester Road
Denair, CA 95316
Fax (209) 632-9194 (Business Office) or (209) 632-4184 (Superintendent's Office)

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x1202 - Superintendent, Dr. Terry Metzger
x1202 - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/Board/CBO, Daisy Swearingen
x1204 - Personnel Account Tech, Margaret Bernard
x1202 - Chief Business Officer, Linda Covello
x1222 - Assistant Director of Special Education, Breanne Aguiar
x1222 - Administrative Assistant, Zenaida Moreno
x1222 - Director of Student Services, Dr. Suzie Ramirez
x4202 - Director of Secondary Education/High School Principal, Kara Backman
x2202 - Director of Elementary Education/Preschool Education, Kelly Beard
x1218 - Director of Facilities, Construction, and MOT, Brian Holloway
x1215 - Administrative Assistant, Breann Smith
x1216 - Director of Technology, Dr. William Jenkins
x1243 - Food Services, Kimberly Fuentes
x1201 - Payroll and Benefits, Anne Sanders
x1200 - Purchasing and Use of Facilities, Nisa Cox
x1203 - Substitutes / Accounts Payable, Monica Roberts
x1300 - Technology Systems Specialist, Vacant
x1305 - Computer Technician, Aaron Graham
Food Service Department (209) 632-9920
Transportation (209) 632-9917

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