Denair Unified School District

As an integral part of our students’ daily DUSD educational experience, Food Service is the first contact for our students. We recognize the importance and impact we have on setting the pace in our students’ day. It is our goal to make every student we serve feel they are seen, heard, welcomed, and appreciated by providing nutritious and savory breakfasts, lunches, suppers, and snacks.
Our resolute Food Service staff possesses decades of experience preparing and serving food to our students. Their dedication to our students is the embodiment of Food Service.  During the Pandemic, Denair Food Service was there, making sure families were given three meals and a snack every day, including weekends. Lunch always contained a hot entrée, offered with a smile and a wave!
As the saying goes, “Not all superheroes wear capes.”  In the case of DUSD Food Service staff, these superheroes wear aprons!