Interdistrict Agreement Process

Interdistrict Agreement Process

  1. Interdistrict agreements originate at the district of residence. In Denair Unified, the Student Service Department is responsible for interdistrict agreements. 
  2. Parent/guardian must request and complete an Interdistrict Request/Agreement form each year. Requests will not be processed without appropriate verification attached (see form for reasons requiring verification).
    • Parent works locally (Allen Bill): signed letter on company letterhead attesting that parent physically works at least 10 hours during the school week within the boundaries of the requested district and a current pay stub.
    • Childcare needs: a signed letter from the childcare provider, including physical address, attesting to services provided with the boundaries of the requested district and a current receipt/invoice for services. 
  3. In order to adequately plan classes and instructional services for the next school year, Interdistrict Request/Agreement forms are due on March 30 of the year preceding the requested transfer. Forms received after this date will only be considered in special circumstances.
  4. Districts consider a variety of factors before approving or denying a transfer request. This includes possible impacts on overall school or district enrollment and school programs.
  5. The school principal will meet with the parent/guardian to discuss the interdistrict transfer request. The principal will approve or deny the request, sign, and forward the Interdistrict Request/Agreement form to the district office for processing, including review by the Superintendent. 
  6. Upon notification of a denied request, an appeal may be filed in writing with the Superintendent's Office within 10 calendar days. 
  7. Parents/guardians have a right to appeal to the County Board of Education within 30 calendar days from the date of the final denial. (Education Code 46600.2)
  8. Transportation is not provided for students on Interdistrict agreements.