Denair Unified School District

School-Based Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (SMAA)

The Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) Program is funded by federal and local funds. The MAA Program is authorized under the California's Welfare and Institutions (W&I) Codes §14132.47.

The MAA Program offers a way for Local Governmental Agencies (LGAs) and Local Educational Consortia (LECs) to obtain federal reimbursement for the cost of certain administrative activities necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the Medi-Cal program. MAA activities include: Medi-Cal outreach, Facilitating the Medi-Cal application, Non-emergency & non-medical transportation of Medi-Cal eligible individuals to Medi-Cal covered services, Contracting for Medi-Cal services, Program planning and policy development, MAA coordination and claims administration, TCM coordination and claims administration, Training, and General administration.

MAA may be provided by LGAs and LECs. An LGA is defined as a county or chartered city as stated in W&I Codes §14132.47(o). An LEC is defined as a local agency that is one of the service regions of the California County Superintendent Educational Services Association W&I Codes §14132.47(q)(1). The LGA and LEC must have a signed contract with the Department to claim federal reimbursement and an approved claiming plan.

Map of the LEC Service Regions